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Table Runners & Table Overlays - Cloth Toppers for Dining & D├ęcor Purposes

Table Runners & Table Overlays

Do you need table runners & table overlays for events, a catering company or dining hall? We carry a large line of dining tablecloths for all your display and dining needs! Choose from a variety of colors, styles and designs to fit all your tables and buffet stations. The most frequent purchasers of these table runners & table overlays are those in the hospitality, restaurant, trade show and party planning business. The table toppers are perfect for buffet tables, weddings, large conference events or other functions. The linens are made from sturdy and strong fabric that can be easily washed and clean for multiple uses. Choose from custom table runners & table overlays to promote a logo, business icon or mascot! The easy-to-use linens can be folded and packed quickly and neatly for reuse. Aside from being used on tables, the covers can be placed on counters or booths for a clean and eye-catching display.

What are some of the features of these dining tablecloths?

  • These table runners & table overlays are designed for reuse. The strong, polyester fabric makes them machine washable and strain resistant.
  • The linens are also made to appear wrinkle-free even after frequent washes.
  • The dye printing process creates a photograph-looking runners making them more attractive to customers and passersby.
  • The flame retardant material makes these ideal for restaurant settings - place warmers, cookers and hot plates directly on the fabric without fear of fire!

With so much versatility, these covers can be used in such a large variety of locations. The custom printing option is perfect for colleges and university fairs, events, trade shows and other conference settings. Display your company logo or decals with bright and eye-catching designs on a budget! The high-quality fabrication is also safe for use in restaurants and large event settings like weddings or buffets. Choose from elegant table linens with sashes or simple runners that can be placed over a plain tablecloth. The wholesale prices and fast-shipping from our site ensure that you will stick to your budget and have your table linens for any upcoming event or party!

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