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Custom Table Runners - Tablecloths & Linens with Colored Logos

custom table runner

Are you ready to upgrade traditional tablecloths to custom custom table runners? Look no further than our printed trade show covers and linens! Our table drapes are specially designed to attract attention to your booth or table. The custom table runners can be designed with 1, 2 or 3 colors and dyes. The trade show covers are made for any standard, commercial table. The promotional skirts are perfect for attracting guests to your table as well as advertising your business, organization or company. The custom table runners are designed to sit in the middle of the table and add an extra pop of color to your display! The 1, 2 or 3 color printing is paired best with logos or vector graphics. Choose from a wide variety of base colors and color combinations to best match your theme, décor and setting.

What type of printing options are available for these trade show covers?

  • The skirts' dye-sublimation process involves printing ultra-defined details and images with a huge range of colors on the custom table runners.
  • We use color-matching technology to match your logo or decal colors perfectly.
  • If you need exact matching and highly detailed images or text, the dye-sublimation process will perfectly recreate any graphic you choose.

Because we know fit and draping is important to the neatness and overall presentation, we offer all our runners at 30” wide and 60” wide depending on your needs and table size. Choose from basic base colors or white, red, blue or black and then customize the logo or images on the runner itself. The trade show covers are the perfect event linens for conventions, expos, fairs and other large business venues. Use the runners at college fairs, catered events and in banquet halls. The skirts' flame retardant polyester is perfect for buffets, dining locations and event halls. The fabric can be easily washed, dried and folded to use dozens of times making them cost-effective. The 30” or 60” wide cloths with logos can be folded into carrying cases, bins or other portable boxes and be unfolded and used without fear of wrinkling or tearing. Order for your upcoming event from!

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