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Trade Show Tablecloths with 1-Color Custom Text

custom trade show tablecloths

Looking for a quick and affordable way to advertise your business? These custom trade show tablecloths are great for bringing to exhibitions because they can be printed with any message, company name or slogan for reaching out to passersby. What makes these special is that they will be shipped in only 24 hours after the order is made. This type of custom trade show tablecloth, or event linen, is available in a variety of colors, making them an ideal choice for any exhibition booth. In addition, the table covers are offered in a number of styles to meet any need. Custom trade show tablecloths like these are excellent for anyone that needs a personalized advertiser, but they especially benefit those that need one quick.

What options are available with these event linens?
  • The custom trade show tablecloths with logo can be purchased in a number of colors including black, white, blue, red, burgundy, hunter green and ivory. The skirts allow companies to coordinate different shades to match their branding.
  • When selecting the text for these promotional tablecloths, printed messaging is also available in one of 15 colors, including shades of red, green, blue, black, white and more! This incorporates a heat transfer process that creates prominent and easy to see letters. When designing a promotional tablecloth, companies can choose a (2) color theme (one for the text and one for the background) that matches their logo.
  • The most popular item here is the full length table cover that is made for 6' or 8' wide rectangular booths. These promotional tablecloths can either feature either three or four full length sides. The advantage of the former is that it keeps space open for accommodating seats, but the latter can hide supplies from view.
  • In addition to full length event linens, runners that partially cover a booth can also be purchased. These come in 30" and 60" wide models.

What else do these trade show tablecloths with logo have in common? They all have a front printing area that measures 18" high. This measures 42" wide on event linens with full length sides and large runners. On 30" wide cloths, this area measures 28" wide. In addition, all table covers for exhibitions are made of durable polyester that will last for years. The material is wrinkle resistant to keep messaging clear and readable, even at busy get-togethers. Trade show tablecloths shown here also feature rounded corners for accommodating the shape of booths, further creating a smooth appearance. If your company needs a great way to advertise a personalized text message, buy online today at!

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