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Table Covers For Tradeshows

Tables are always the centerpiece for any tradeshow booth and also present the best opportunity for branding. And if you're company has but one purpose for being at a trade show, it's branding. So why not make the most out of every opportunity? Our custom table graphics collection offers a variety of different ways to merchandise and clearly display logos. Standard rectangular covers or stretch covers with custom printing allow brands freedom to print the graphics they desire. Need the whole "kit and kaboodle?" Custom table cover sets can be ordered that included plastic folding tables along with your custom graphics. For marketers that already have their table and cover set up, runners with graphics are also available. Table runners sit nicely on top and can pair nicely with compatibly colored covers. Really looking to draw some attention to your booth? Table headers also offer additional custom graphic and branding opportunities and clamp directly to the sides of 4' and 6' tables.

Many companies already have runners and overlays that feature logos, therefore all that's needed is a simple cover or cover and table set. Beyond the staples of a trade show booth, it can also help to accessorize. What's an effective way to get customers to listen to your pitch? Make them stay at your booth longer by setting up highboy tables and chairs. This creates a more casual environment and makes visitors forget they're at a trade show, if only for a brief period of time. Pair chairs and tall tables with rectangular table covers & toppers to fill out your convention booth and pique the interest of passersby.

Table Skirts & Covers for Banquets

Own a banquet facility? Planning a wedding? TableSkirts2Go specializes in table skirting for hospitality needs. Whether it's decorating a restaurant, outfitting an entire banquet hall or setting up for a Jack and Jill, our collection has it covered. For more a more elegant look, check out the organza and satin overlays. The elegant colors available for these displays can be mixed and matched to create a seasonal or themed setup. The organza overlays offer ten different color options that can be paired with chairs sashes & ties.

Have a less formal setting? There are plenty of restaurant tablecloths that are ideal for diners, cafes and fast food establishments. Table skirt sets are ideal for buffet tables. Use the skirts and clips for rectangular tables. Round table cloths can be used for outdoor tables, or use more elegant covers for high end restaurants.

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